Nobody Should Believe Me S02

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The Trial

Years after being separated from her daughter Alyssa, the Brittany Phillips case finally heads to trial.

Dawn Ferguson, the prosecutor on the case elucidates the challenges of convincing a jury that a mother could engage in such abuse against her own child. After six months of review and preparation, the legal team enters the courtroom armed with reams of eyewitness accounts and, most damningly, Brittany’s grisly search history.

Detective Mike Webber walks us through the complications of the trial and unpacks why the judicial system is not equipped to handle this form of abuse. Throughout the trial, the Waybourns strive to protect Alyssa but ultimately, the now seven-year-old girl has to take the stand to testify against her mother.

Despite the undeniable evidence against Brittany, the verdict takes a shocking turn.

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