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There’s Hope

Andrea has made an intense connection with Hope Ybarra’s family, and asked experts, doctors, and the detective so many of her burning questions about Munchausen by Proxy. But she’s become increasingly fixated on talking to Hope herself as she comes to realize that it may be her only chance to get the insights she needs . In the stunning season one finale, Andrea travels to Mountain Home, Idaho to meet with Hope Ybarra. 

In this intense, emotional back-and-forth, we hear straight from Hope what life is like for her after being released from prison. We find out what she’s up to and what she hopes for from the future. Hope listens to her own family-all of whom she’s estranged from with the exception of Robin-talk about what she was like before everything fell apart. She insists that she still loves her children, despite what she did. We see the human being behind the monstrous acts that splashed Hope’s story across headlines and landed her in prison for a decade. 

Andrea asks Hope what might have been done to help her and what she might say to her younger self if she could go back. Finally, she tells Hope that if she really wants her family back, she should get treatment and offers to help her if she wants that. 

Hope is friendly and warm in person, but Andrea is left with the unsettling truth that she hasn’t changed. 

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