Munchausen by Proxy and A Sister’s Search for Hope — an 8-episode podcast with Andrea Dunlop


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About the Podcast

Nobody Should Believe Me is an unprecedented look at a complex and deadly form of abuse, told from the perspective of those whose lives were turned upside down by it.

Novelist Andrea Dunlop is looking for answers. When her older sister was investigated for Munchausen by Proxy abuse more than a decade ago, it tore her family apart. This catastrophic series of events sent Dunlop on a journey to understand this most taboo form of abuse.

In this groundbreaking podcast, she talks to some of the top experts in the world to explore the criminology and psychopathology behind Munchausen by Proxy and to reveal the wide swath of destruction these perpetrators leave in their wake.

Along the way, she explores the case of Hope Ybarra: a story with uncanny similarities to her own. Dunlop speaks to those most familiar with the case, from the reporter who broke the story, to the detective who investigated it, to the family who lived through it. In the dramatic finale, she’ll speak to Hope Ybarra herself.

Andrea Dunlop

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